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Public Housing
Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
0-1 Bedroom Waiting List: Open
2 Bedroom Waiting List: Open
3 Bedroom Waiting List: Open
4 Bedroom Waiting List: Open
5 Bedroom Waiting List: Open
The online application requires all questions to be answered.  Questions cannot be left blank.  Questions with a Yes and No answer are followed with a question for additional information.  If you answer No the following question must be answered with N/A for non-applicable.  

Once your application is submitted, a staff member will contact via email and/or USPS to schedule an interview and to advise you of the documents required for your family composition. Via email and/or USPS all required documents will be attached for you to complete and return via email, drop off at our office (drop box available for after hours).  Please be prepared to furnish supporting documents prior to your scheduled interview. Failure to provide supporting and required documents will result in denial of our Low Income Housing Assistance Program. 

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